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A municipality is created by an Act of Congress subject to the approval of the majority of the affected electorate in a plebiscite. The requisites for its creation are the following: a.) an average annual income of at least 2.5 million Philippine pesos (₱2.5 M) for the last two (2) consecutive years; b.) a population of at least 25,000; and, c.) a contiguous territory of at least 50 square kilometers. The elected officials of the municipal government are the Mayor who is the chief executive, the Vice-Mayor, and the Sangguniang Bayan members. There are also appointive officials in charge of the various offices in the municipal government.

₱2.5 M for the last 2 consecutive years
50 sqmContiguous territory
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A municipality (Tagalog: bayan/munisipalidad; Hiligaynon: banwa; Cebuano: lungsod/munisipalidad; Pangasinan: baley; Kapampangan: balen/balayan; Central Bicolano: banwaan; Waray: bungto; Ilocano: ili), often called by its archaic term “town”, is a local government unit (LGU) in the Philippines having the functions of a town since their inception.

Municipalities are distinct from cities, which are a different category of local government unit, are divided into barangays, formerly “barrios.” Philippine municipalities total 1,488 in all as of 30 June 2020, together with component cities (lungsod/siyudad), are reckoned as the third to the lowest out of four levels of administrative divisions of the Philippines; and always within or under the jurisdiction of a province, except for Pateros, Metro Manila, which is self-governing. The League of Municipalities of the Philippines (LMP) is a formal organization of all the municipalities in the Philippines, with sixty eight (68) members presently part of this organization.